Ulaia Artesud ODV
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA

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What we do

We have concentrated our energy on the Palestinians, one of the most long suffering and oppressed of people, who have been deprived  of their fundamental rights since the expropriation of their land by Israel. Our goal is to bring to public attention their culture, so that it is not forgotten and to provide information which the official sources omit or misrepresent. 

In order to make the best use of our limited resources, we have restricted our voluntary work to Lebanon, where Palestinians make up 10% of the population.

Some arrived in 1948 (The Nakba), some in 1967 (The 6 Day War) and others in 2011 (the war in Syria) while some were born in Lebanon. The Palestinians live in refugee camps, lack all fundamental civil, social and political rights and are helped by U.N.R.W.A and NGOs , both local and international. 

It is with concrete projects aimed at children, young people and women that we display our solidarity, thanks to our supporters and volunteers. 

  • In Lebanon, in the Palestinian refugee camps.
  • In Italy, in schools, libraries and other educational institutes and associations.
Ulaia Artesud ODV
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA