Ulaia Artesud ODV
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA

C.F. 97351890583

dona il Tuo 5xMille   ad Ulaia ONLUS Codice fiscale 97351890583

The origins of one of the most efficient NGOs operating in the refugee camps of Lebanon lie in the massacres of the Palestinian people that began with Tall el Zatar in 1976.

From its beginning as an orphanage the Association now provides medical and psychological  assistance as well as educational cultural and recreational programmes  for all the inhabitants of the camps regardless of  nationality or religion.

Curator of the past, its goal is to pass on the traditions and customs of Palestine to the new generation to keep the memory of their country alive.   

“They can take away our land - says Kassem in an interview of 22 September 2017 with the Comité Action Palestine – but not our thoughts”.

This is the reality ULAIA has chosen to carry out its projects. 


Beit Atfal Assumoud YouTube Channel where a lot of videos of the activities will be posted.

Ulaia Artesud ODV
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA