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What a wonderful story !

From 2015 to 2017 the intercultural project organised by our “Art Area”  put in touch children from Al Houla’s  library in Burj al Shemali camp and pupils from two classes of the Alberto Sordi primary school in Primavalle, Rome.  The children communicated through stories and drawings  inspired by the collages of Simonetta Lambertini who curated this project. 

The tree that likes to chat is a story, told through pictures in a sequence of three collages, of a huge tree that as each day goes by changes its foliage and meets new characters               

What are they saying? What is the story of this huge talking tree? 

Looking at the collage and respecting the order of the pictures the children have to imagine what the tree and the other characters are saying, make up stories and write them down. 


A story in three collages by

Simonetta Lambertini



Through the years the children in both Lebanon and Italy explored a range of topics and responded to diverse themes that emerged from studying the elaborate drawings and texts exchanged between the two groups. The project culminated with a visit to Italy by one of the Palestinian children and the Chief Librarian. 

The meeting between the children was a memorable part of a series of events organised with the Library of Rome and was also an opportunity to launch the book “What a beautiful story!” by Simonetta Lambertini, published by ‘Q’, a collection, in italian and arabic,  of the five best stories written and illustrated by our young authors. The book is available to buy online at  Edition ‘Q’ : http://www.edizioniq.it/bella%20storia.html

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