He looks at the lens amazed and not a little worried. He plays with his hands nervously while they take his photograph destined for Marinella. You won’t see the subject of this photo, the little lad Mohammad, as this is private, just for his own personal album of memories.  He is the youngest of four brothers, an ordinary little boy who for certain knows nothing of geopolitics or the Palestinian question. What he does know is that his life is not easy and there is nothing certain about it. The recipient of this photo is Marinella, who has taken this generous step to participate in the international project Family Happiness which ULAIA has sponsored for many years through SUPPORT A CHILD.


There are many other children like Mohammad who live in difficult economic circumstances and are trapped in situations no one would wish on another human being. They need help to access some happiness, which is the  right of every child throughout the world, whether in Palestine or in a refugee camp..wherever they be. Family Happiness creates ways to help the children and their families and they need sensibility, support, and sponsors - now more than ever. They are just asking for a small commitment on your part - those of you who can put yourselves in other people’s shoes. Become a sponsor of the project Support a Child like Marinella and many other generous people. It’s easy, easier than turning your back, looking away and pretending the problems don’t exist and everything is all right. It only takes 30 euro a month , tax deductible in Italy, to support a child. Let’s make a contribution and give some children like Mohammad a chance of happiness. Write to us now at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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