The 25 of April of the group

We are at Qana visiting the site of the 1996 massacre.  “The Israeli artillery slaughter 106 Lebanese”  was the title of the chapter in the book “Pity the Nation” by Robert Fisk, the journalist defined by the New York Times as the most famous war correspondent in the world.  What is incredible is that the place that was bombed was the headquarters of a battalion of the UN, the UNIFIL from FIJI, who had been there for about 18 years, and like all of the UN buildings had huge insignia painted on the roof in black and white with the letters UN clearly visible and even floodlit at night.  The Lebanese refugees were seeking sanctuary there. 

Robert Fisk who by some bizarre coincidence happened to be on the spot wrote: “ What In God’s name have the Israelis done?”  He tells us that not since the massacre of Sabra and Shatilla had he seen such a bloodbath.  The dead of Sabra and Shatilla had been shot, stabbed and disembowelled by the Christian Militia, allies of Israel. Here it was  wholesale slaughter, the grenades and bombs had literally blown the Lebanese refugees, many of whom were children, to pieces, maiming and mutilating, slicing off arms, legs and heads. “This was so awful, so incomprehensible, that I simply could not believe my eyes. And the men who had thrown those bombs were Israeli soldiers.” 

The Israelis  proffered diverse versions of the bombing, claiming that it had occurred in error, but after the UN report at the conclusion of the humiliating investigation, the truth came out thanks to a video handed over to Robert Fisk anonymously by a military man Fisk referred to as a a "Soldier. Man" . Disobeying orders, this soldier had copied the video in possession of the UN investigation. In his words, “I owe this to my children”.