Sights without rights

The aim of this  project created for the refugee camp of Burj al Shemali (Lebanon) is to enable the inhabitants, a refugee population for 70 years, to show  through the creative use of audio visual media how their lives are  affected by the lack of  any social or civil rights.   

For two months the team of young Italian volunteers will stay in the camp and with the aid of special photographic laboratories, film, and creative and journalistic writing workshops, interspersed with recreational activities, the documentary, which will constitute a dialogue with the outside world, will be put together. 

Subsequently, we plan to present the project  in Italy, Lebanon and some refugee camps, as well as interactively (e.g. blogs and websites), to  convey  the reality of the situation in the camps, familiar to four generations of Palestinians, through the eyes of both the inhabitants and the volunteers. 

The project is directed at three age groups: children  and young  people from 10 to 14,  15 to 19, and 20 to 25, with the help and support of individuals or groups in the camp with appropriate artistic competences.

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