Shiatsu for Women

Shiatsu in the Palestinian community in Lebanon: the fourth round kicks off! Still attracting interest, Shiatsu is in its fourth year at Burj al Shemali. New pupils and practitioners working with disabilities are awaiting the instructors from the Italian Shiatsu Academy, while those who have already completed the basic course will specialise in the treatment of women during pregnancy. The course will begin in April 2019. The photos show the  initial meeting is in October 2018 

In October 2017, at the conclusion of a three year course  begun by a volunteer and continued by the trainers from the Italian Shiatsu Academy, the first trainees from Burj al Shemali qualified as shiatsu practitioners. 

The field of health and well being is thankfully not one of the many professions forbidden to the resident foreigners in Lebanon, which includes the Palestinians, who despite living there for 70 years are still regarded as such under Lebanese law. 

While the academy proposes further stages of specialization, our objective will now be to guide these ‘pioneers’ towards creating an activity (outside of the camp as well) that will bring them both personal satisfaction and some small economic benefit.