ODYSSEY: University for Ali

Our financial support for the  young Palestinian men who have been studying in Italy has now ended to the huge satisfaction of all. We have now agreed with Assumoud to sponsor another deserving student: Ali. 

He has been a recipient  of our child sponsorship programme since 2010 and we have always received extremely favourable reports of his studies from his social worker. He has already successfully completed a 3 year degree course in mechanical engineering at the  American University of Beirut and would now like to do his master’s degree in Italy, like many of his fellow students in Lebanon.  

His documents are at the pre-validation stage at the Italian Institute of Culture in Lebanon, a prerequisite for a visa application. Once the paperwork is completed  we will give you all the details so that you can participate in this latest "university adoption ".

The economic sacrifice of our members will mean giving  another young man a hope for the future that is still denied to  Palestinians in Lebanon. 

For now, fingers crossed for the visa!