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The  17th September 2020 is the date of  Mohamed’s graduation with a masters degree  in engineering and a specialisation in Mechatronics. Mohamed, who is from Burj al Shemali, was selected for this project in 2014. This masters, the successful conclusion to his studies, for which he has worked so hard is a source of  huge satisfaction to him and all our members who have supported him throughout. 


03 August 2020

The date of Mohamed’s graduation in Mechatronics has been set for the 17th September. Unfortunately, the discussion will take place online and not in person due to the restrictions dictated by COVID. 

Although Abdrahim has still to complete his 5th and final year, he has already found a permanent job in his field as a computer engineer with a company in Turin.  

Our project has ended in the best of ways, despite the absence of the 3rd young man who left us for Sweden.  
A big thanks goes to all the donors who with their sponsorship have enabled us to help these two young men to achieve their goals. 

"Let culture travel" ends here and is being  replaced by "The Odyssey Project" for all those who would like to see the long-term concrete benefits of their donations. 

We hope to have you with us again as we embark on this new venture.


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