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The Gym Reopens

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The activities at the gym have started again. The day’s timetable shared between the women, the children and young adults. 

In the morning the music that emanates from the top floor of the Al Houla association is a sign that the women have begun their class. I peeked in and in front of the mirror that lines one wall of the gym, I could see them doing the exercises they had learnt with their teacher, whose presence in the current situation is not guaranteed.  

In the afternoon, however, the space is filled with the shouts of children who have their chance everyday to let rip under the watchful eyes of a volunteer from the association. At the entrance the children literally dive into the cupboard where the gloves and the equipment for kickboxing are kept, gifted from our previous courses over the last few years. They emerge, sweaty and happy, eager for next day’s session. 

Late afternoon and evening are reserved for the young people and their presence is punctuated by the sounds of the weights as they lift and drop them with a deafening thud on the floor. 

What can I say!! An excellent use for this space!  Money very well spent, indeed! This is thanks to the support of the “8xMille” scheme from the Waldensian Church in Italy for the project “A Gym for them, too!”

Ulaia Artesud ODV
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA