The music project is continuing, refinanced for 2021 by the Waldensian Church of Italy in the context of  the allocation of 8xMille received from taxpayers. Due to the pandemic, lessons have been reorganised and are currently being held either in small groups respecting social distancing or online via Zoom.  The issues with accessing the web platforms are the same as those we are experiencing in Italy. There aren’t enough tablets,  the broadband coverage is inadequate and many young people have to use their parents’ mobile phones. Many families have at least 3 or 4 children of school age and there are inevitable timetable clashes over the use of the devices leading to arguments, ill feeling and missed classes.  We are trying to find a solution to this situation.  A proposal is under consideration by the OPM Waldensian Church. 

Information on the progress of the Zoom lessons from the director of the orchestra, Wadji Abo Diab, has confirmed that the adaptability of the young people is better than expected and that this type of ‘distance’ lesson is turning out to be an opportunity to tackle a series of educational points which in normal circumstances there wouldn’t be time for, due to the large number of students and the lack of time. Moreover, registration for the lessons is now  available for free and in the Arabic language, first time in Lebanon!

The 2021 project foresees an increase in hours of music therapy, an activity made possible at the moment thanks to the presence of two local music therapists, graduates from the Citttadella di Assisi part of the Band without Borders project of the last few years.