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The Project

The aim of this project at Burj al Shemali is twofold: to ensure the hygiene standards of the environment particularly in these times of  Covid and give much-needed economic support to the families resident in the camp. The endemic unemployment problems of the Palestinians have been exacerbated by the political and economic crises in Lebanon that has led to drastic cuts in both jobs and wages. 

Young people and the unemployed will be involved in this exceptional cleaning operation and will be paid  for their work. 

The project has attracted the attention of "The League for the Protection of the Environment" in Campania, a region of Italy, who organised a webinar on the 11th December: Clean up the World of Waste and Inequalities. 

The Fundraising 

The project, of a suggested 6 month duration, requires a substantial economic commitment. It is due to start in January for an initial period of two months, funded in part by the "OPM Waldensian Church" and donations from members of ULAIA. Whether it will continue beyond these two months is dependent on the success of our fundraising campaign,  which will remain open to receive donations from all those who have  taken the fate of the Palestinian people in Lebanon to heart in these exceptionally difficult times. 

You can donate online by clicking the button on our website or by bank transfer to ULAIA Artesud onlus IBAN IT95P0501803200000012420618. Reason: Keep Clean and Stay Safe - Cash for Work 

The donations are tax deductible in Italy (30%) as they are destined for a non-governmental organisation. If you wish to receive certification, please supply us with your full name and tax code. 



Ulaia Artesud ONLUS
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA