Project Odyssey

Odyssey: a name that evokes the vicissitudes of the young Palestinians in Lebanon in their endeavours to complete their studies, find work or start a small business. Support for these turning points in the lives of young people in the refugee camps is what we have called Odyssey, a fund that we can access when an application is made providing, of course, that the required conditions are met.  

We trust that all the donations can be merged to focus on this project, and also the 5 per 1000 charitable tax donations of 2021,  (see Non-Profit Organisation Tax code 97351890583). We have already added to this fund a part of the 5 per 1000 donations from 2020 that were destined to projects, postponed due to the pandemic. 

In our annual  financial statement the movement of funds is  documented in detail  and  we will continue to keep you updated of any further developments at regular intervals on this page.