Music Therapy: Goal!!

An emotional day, yesterday, at the Pro Civitate Christiana  of the Citadel of Assisi at the presentation of Mohamed and Liliane's dissertations
Full honours for both students, the fruits of an intense period of study and in depth meticulous research evident in their papers, which we hope to see published in the very near future.
At the presentation was a group from ULAIA, there to show its support for the two candidates and also to underline the significance of the occasion and the strategic value of this project that ULAIA has supported for the last 4 years. The fact that these two local  practitioners have acquired professional skills is bound to increase the benefits for the refugee community in Lebanon who work in Music Therapy.
In addition to the many congratulations we offer to the two newly qualified music therapists, we would like to add our gratitude to the tireless tutor, Deborah Parker, the teaching body,  and the management and staff of CEP, as well as the sponsors, first and foremost, the Tavola Valdese, for Mohamed.