Ulaia Artesud ONLUS
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA

C.F. 97351890583

dona il Tuo 5xMille   ad Ulaia ONLUS Codice fiscale 97351890583


The association promotes and encourages volunteering, giving young people experiences which will stay with them their whole lives. For those not so young, it provides them with an opportunity to make use of their wide experience and expertise for the benefit of all the recipients of our projects.

There are permanent volunteers in the association, but we also welcome volunteers on a short-term basis  linked to a particular project they may have proposed. Acceptance of any project depends on its feasibility and its approval by the local partners. 

The permanent roles filled by volunteers, apart from the President, are:

Treasury, Nadia Virgili; The Arts, Simonetta Lambertini; Sponsorship, Chiara Maurilio; Music area Valeria Mineo; Sport area Marika Prandato; Web design and Web manager, Maurizio Ambrosanio; Social secretary, Giovanni Giunta; Graphics, Enrico Frattaroli; English version of the website, Jill Morris.  

The volunteers that have worked with us in Lebanon up to now are:

  • Gaston Troiano (theatre)
  • Anita Piccolo (a specialist in the study of the Arab language and culture)
  • Maria Cristina Branchetti (recycling; dance)
  • Giuseppina Natale (shiatsu)
  • Simonetta Lambertini (culture exchange)
  • Enrico Frattaroli (culture exchange)
  • Giovanni Giunta (computing)
  • Annalisa Ponzo, Matteo Cona, Claudio Madeddu, Andrea Fusacchia , Daisy De Benedetti (Music: violin, guitar, drums, saxophone and singing, respectively)
  • Domitilla Pattumelli (videographer)
  • Mauro Lamanna (creator of the recording studio)
  • Valeria Abbate (journalist and videographer)
  • Maria Luigia Padula (culture exchange)
  • Marika Prandato (kickboxing and self defence for women)
Ulaia Artesud ONLUS
via Perugia, 26 00176 ROMA