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Call for help from Lebanon

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The following appeal for help has reached  4.200 euro, thanks to donations from  members of ULAIA, friends and some Italian associations  who support Palestine. The entire amount has been transferred to  NISCVT, Beit Atfal Assumoud. We wish to thank all who were able to participate.


Dear Partners and friends of BAS, and to all who believe in peace and justice

The storm that has hit Lebanon a few days ago has led to disaster conditions on Syrian and Palestinian refugee from Syria, especially in the Beqaa Area. And another storm will hit Lebanon next week. The infrastructure didn’t help, many of the refugee houses are flooded and the roofs collapsed. People are literally under the rain and snow.

We will be needing your support to help those people... our brothers and sisters... under snow and rain... in very dire situation. We need donations to distribute Blankets, Fuel & Food Parcels.

Let’s share mercy among each other so that we all have mercy from above!

Special thanks to our partners in Japan from CCP who donated diesel fuel for 1626 Palestinian refugee families from Syria including hardship cases of Palestinians from Lebanon 

You can contact us or donate through the below links:

Donation Details:            http://socialcare.org/portal/donations/66/

For US citizens:             http://www.upaconnect.org/beitatfal

Contact us:                    http://socialcare.org/portal/contact-us/6/

Email:                            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks, and May our hearts stay warm! 

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