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May 2022

Shiatsu continues to attract interest in the community for the valuable psychophysical wellbeing  it offers to those who provide  the therapeutic bodywork as well as those who receive it. In many cases,  Shiatsu appears


Sohail Sabbag Library

Raghda, from Al Houla association ( B. Shemali camp) helps the neighbourhood children with their reading, drawing as well as developing their computer literacy skills. This work is at risk because of the power cuts - electricity is currently rationed throughout 



The young members of Sumoud Guirab never miss an opportunity  to say hello to their italian friends and this time they do it with their interpretation of " Bella Ciao", knowing how dear this particular tune is to all of us.   


Support a Child - Situations that change...

The latest  child to be sponsored by ULAIA  comes from a  family that, until the death of  the father in 2021 from a heart attack, managed quite well  thanks to  the man's work  at the port of Tripoli. 


The roofs of Burj al Shemali Camp

Like an unfinished Lego construction buildings made of  blocks, no one the same as another that’s what I see when I look out over the roofs of Burj al Shemali.. the only unifying