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dona il Tuo 5xMille   ad Ulaia ONLUS Codice fiscale 97351890583

ODYSSEY: University for Ali

Our financial support for the  young Palestinian men who have been studying in Italy has now ended to the huge satisfaction of all. We have now agreed with Assumoud to sponsor another deserving student: Ali. 


Band without Borders 2021. The Orchestra

The music project is continuing, refinanced for 2021 by the Waldensian Church of Italy in the context of  the allocation of 8xMille received from taxpayers. Due to the pandemic, lessons have been reorganised and are currently being held either in small groups respecting


Distance/Online Learning

As in Italy the arrival of COVID has led to an explosion in the use of technology, but in the camps this is another thing that presents a challenge. Online learning promoted in the UNRWA schools is the only way of maintaining contact 


Clean up the world from waste and inequality

This is the possible title of a new project that has emerged from our collaboration with "The League for the Protection of the Environment in Campania" (a Region of Italy) on Keep


Parcels of essential items

In Octber 2020 parcels containing essential items are being distributed to 415 families in the refugee camps in Lebanon. 


Project Odyssey

Odyssey: a name that evokes the vicissitudes of the young Palestinians in Lebanon in their endeavours to complete their studies, find work or start a small business.   


Now more than ever SUPPORT a CHILD!



He looks at the lens amazed and not a little worried. He plays with his hands nervously while they take his photograph destined for Marinella. You won’t see the subject of this photo, the little lad Mohammad, as this is