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Sights without rights

This is the new project we are working on,  with  a group of University students who will be at Burj al Shemali from 15th of July to 15th of September. A project of which the first two months are only the beginning…. 


The latest arrival


Youssef, 6 years old, is coping with the death of his father last March. He lives with his mother, a housewife, his brother and little sister in the old part of the Nahr el Bared camp in North Lebanon. They receive help from UNRWA for their daily existence and Youssef will now get a little help from Marzia, 


A gym for them, too?

Here we are!! It is really happening. The inauguration ceremony concluded, the gym is opening its doors to the people of Burj al Shemali camp. Apart from the amazing feat that is the gym itself, this


Kissweh: a project that we like.

Kissweh is an embroidery studio based in Los Angeles and Lebanon. Their goals are twofold: to be a contemporary source of exquisitely designed and timeless products inspired by the rich folk art  


Let them study abroad!

Having completed his three year degree course in October, this year (2018), Abdrahim is now on his way  towards a master’s degree.  The RIGHT TO STUDY is ever more compromised for the


Shiatsu for Women

Shiatsu in the Palestinian community in Lebanon: the fourth round kicks off! Still attracting interest, Shiatsu is in its fourth year at Burj al Shemali. New pupils and practitioners working with disabilities